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So, you might ask, what is the point of playing a dating-sim if there's no hentai reward?

The only other non-hentai dating-sim I've played is the Love Hina game for GBA, and I believe Bloody Bride ends up being a much better game than that.

That is, crappy storybook-type games where the reward is to see naked anime women and have sex with them.

It is, in fact, a lot more involving, with actual clever dialogue, different things to do, RPG elements, and plenty of replay value.

Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the Bloody Bride Translation Project (Google for it, you can't miss it), this game can now be played in ENGLISH.

So boobs like me who can't be bothered to learn Japanese can enjoy such a game.

As the school year begins, Elena Gilbert is immediately drawn to a handsome and mysterious new student, Stefan Salvatore.After asking what would happen if she were to be trapped in an elevator with Kim Kardashian following their social media scuffle (watch the video for her answer), Cohen brought up Moretz's cover story.In it, the actress said Taylor Swift was "a talented girl" but said she was not a fan of "squads," as they "appropriate exclusivity."According to Moretz, the two quotes were taken out of context."What actually happened was they asked me about the meaning of the word 'squad,' and what I said was, 'I don't like the word squad because it does create exclusively.' But it was never against Taylor and it was never against her squad," she said."It was obviously social media and the public turning women against women, which has been happening for years." To make her point clear, Moretz added, "It wasn't about Taylor Swift., where she played "Plead the Fifth" for the first time.Host Andy Cohen asked her three questions, giving her just one chance to pass.

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I enjoy hanging out with him."In hindsight, Moretz said Monday, "I was shady."This time around, Cohen brought the receipts—in the form of Instagram photos, natch.

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