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However, every once in a while, for clients who are persistent and understanding about my schedule while trying to schedule their shoot (which can be extremely hard given my wedding, corporate event, product and news schedule), I am happy to do a shoot just for the model’s portfolio.

Launching a full scale campaign aimed at pressuring the NFL to draw a clear line in the sand of just how far done the Social Justice Warrior rabbit hole they really wish to go. Pressing the NFL to openly address their seemingly transphobic lack of trans cheerleaders. The motto is “if we all shop small, it will be huge!” Here of several of my favorite Charlotte design haunts that are all run by small business owners that are incredibly talented, chic and stylish. Style mavens Cindy Smith, Jane Schwab and their talented team have everything you could possibly need for your home, party, or next gift.Client’s end up picking talent, not agencies — although agencies only show who they want to show to the clients.But I digress — If you’d like more of my thoughts on that whole industry, I’m obviously very opinionated on it, so feel free to just shoot me an e-mail and you are likely to get a 4 page response back!

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This recent shoot with Kelly was her first shoot – as she is just beginning to build a portfolio and then approach agencies.