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Getting Kill Count The easiest way to acquire kill count is to kill Goblins in the Bandos Corner of the main room.There are Bandos, Armadyl, and Zamorak monsters in this area, be sure to wear gear accordingly.

General Graardor drops the Bandos hilt at a rate of 8.When this happens, be sure to put on Protect from Range and begin piling on the minions in this order: Sergeant Steelwill (Mage) Sergeant Strongstack (Melee) Sergeant Grimspike (Range) If your Tank has Guthan's, make sure you allow him to heal up using his Guthan's on the Sergeant Grimspike before killing him!The minions here will occasionally drop 3 Chilli potatoes, 2 Sharks, or Kebabs.Recommended armour Note: If armour is available as a set at the Grand Exchange, prices will be based on the set price.Requirement level Gear Armour rating Damage bonus Total Price Notes 1 Defence , , , , 87 0 573 Hardleather body requires Level 10 Defence and gives 6 more ranged attack than a .

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Be sure to communicate this with your other attackers.