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Posted by / 28-Nov-2017 18:39

Jakarta cam chat

I dont know if this was staged or CGI maybe the experts on here can give their opinion.

The Filipino boxer-politician is also seen saying "You can call me anytime" in the live chat, according to a separate screenshot shared by the "Chicks in the Office" Instagram account.

It meant that if she wanted to call someone, she had to type a password first... Then, wherever she would go, she would always, always take her phone with her: In the toilet, in the shower, in the kitchen...

She would never forget it, and if she did, she would come back in a hurry to get it, and she would ask me, worried: Did you take a look at my phone?

It seems to drop from the sky out of nowhere and disappears as quickly as it came.

According to the time stamp on the video, this alien was recorded on September 11, 2011.

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The luminous glowing apparition that appears on the grainy black and white CCTV video certainly has all the hallmarks of being an actual alien.