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The top two solutions are actually pretty simple: Leo A.

Notenboom has been playing with computers since he was required to take a programming class in 1976.

Dreamweaver allows you to make changes to all template-based web pages site-wide.

The classic example is the image that is the logo at the top of every page of Ask Leo! Your browser will download it once and then keep it in the cache so that on each page that uses the exact same logo the browser doesn't need to download it again, it can simply use what's in the cache.The problem was that it always showed the current date, even though I did not change anything on the page.It finally sank in that I was using "include" files on the site, and every time one of those was brought in the page was "updated". Anyway, now I always hard-code the date when making changes. Could it be that there is an additional cache between the website and the browser?This provides a way to fix some webpage issues without needing to completely clear and thus loose all your other information stored in the cache.On a (sort of) related issues, I had put javascript code on a website I did, that used the "page last modified" data provided by the browser to show when the most recent changes were made.

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Now if I change the logo, say I update it with a new one, then the browser is supposed to notice that the image is newer than what it has, and update/replace the copy in its cache.

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