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When it appears before a personal name in the English language, the dagger indicates that the individual is deceased.Also called an Historically, the first photographic process that actually worked, producing a positive image directly on a highly polished, silvered copper plate sensitized with iodide vapor.

, meaning "what is given," often used as a singular collective noun. Large data banks containing information about individuals (social security numbers, credit history, health records, etc.) have become the subject of controversy as the rapid development of high-speed information technology poses new threats to personal privacy.By exposing the plate to light in a , a laterally reversed latent image was captured in the photosensitive layer of silver iodide that could be developed with the application of mercury vapor.Made public in 1839, the process was named after its French inventor, the painter of dioramas, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, who relied heavily on earlier experiments by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. Morse (of Morse code) in Paris in 1839, who subsequently taught it to paying students in the United States.The range of available DBMS software extends from simple systems intended for personal computers to highly complex systems designed to run on mainframes.The algorithmic re-creation of a data file to reduce the amount of memory required for storage.

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Exchange of compressed data requires less transmission time but more computation time to restore it to its original form for processing.

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