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“Sea ice really is their platform for life,” said co-author Kristin Laidre, also a researcher at the Polar Science Center.“They are capable of existing on land for part of the year, but the sea ice is where they obtain their main prey.” The new study published in The Cryosphere draws upon 35 years of satellite data showing daily sea-ice concentration in the Arctic.Take a look in the mirror that this picture shows and ' SHAME ON YOU' if you ever mingle carefree and clueless amongst the idle rich. Is it not so, that there is more chance to find somebody amongst them, who can lead us out from this graveyard we are digging, than there is a chance to find that somebody in the likes of the present president?This picture you see in the mirror of this film can only lead to shame amongst all of us, who are lucky enough not to belong to these miserable people. Those who do not want or cannot belong to our sick world of business, we have no right to treat this way. Is there not more truth amongst these homeless than you will find on any dinner-party? See full summary » Matthew, a young schizophrenic, finds himself out on the street when a slumlord tears down his apartment building.

He is weary of war and is intent on going AWOL and escaping from...

And then there are some who have gifts, which are of a kind, that they simply do not fit in in this abomination we call the 'free world' and that world hits down on them real hard and it seems that world wants to rot out every bit of decency that is left amongst mankind.

A society is not measured by how it treats it most rich and powerful people.

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