Rudall carte flute dating kontaktinserate Bremen

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Rudall carte flute dating

Morris's flute was originally a Rudall-Carte with open G-sharp and vented D, and later in his career he performed on an instrument bequeathed to him by Robert Murchie.

A photographic portrait taken in 1968 by Godfrey Argent is held by the National Portrait Gallery.His other actiovities included being an adjudicator, an orchestral coach and a lecturer.He frequently taught at the Dartington Summer School.In 1966 Morris became chairman of this orchestra with Otto Klemperer as the principal conductor.Morris had a close and deeply respectful relationship with Klemperer, but his relationship with Karajan has been described as "at best cordial, but he respected the conductor's talent".

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The press release at the time spoke of "irreconcilable artistic differences" which had contributed to his resignation.

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